Internships/ Jobs

Summer 2015

CR Beauty is an emerging skincare line based out of Rome, Italy. From
May 2015 until July 2015, I lived and worked in Italy to help the company
break into a higher end market, aided in branding the product, and created
a market analysis report.

Social Chairman

As social chairman for my sorority, I was in charge of planning socials, typically four a semester depending on the budget, for three semesters. Socials were planned with either one other sorority and two fraternities, and date functions were planned with one or two other sororities. Local venues were booked months in advance, as well as the entertainment and food. If the event required transportation, buses were also reserved in advance. Checks were written out separately to each company and given to each on the day of the event, however, the band’s check was normally mailed. Each event had to be approved by Nationals, which required attaining then scanning each parties proof of insurance, a signed Social Function Review Form, signed contracts made by the venue and signed by all parties involved, scanning in all 50 signed designated driver forms, and scanning in the signed and completed Responsibilities of Advisory Board Representatives form. I would arrive to the event early to make sure everything was set up and running smoothly and stay the entire length of the social, normally 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.