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Why You Should Be a Camp War Eagle Counselor



If you’re a student at Auburn, you have definitely attended Camp War Eagle.  If you’re out of state like me, Camp War Eagle was a bit tough.  I didn’t know a single person at camp or the school as a whole, and on top of that I was trying to learn the ins and outs of my future home.  Lucky for me, I had an awesome Camp War Eagle counselor who helped me get through it, and I made a few friends along the way.

With applications out, it only seemed appropriate to figure out why someone should apply, I mean, why would someone want to spend his or her entire summer with incoming freshmen?

“I decided to be a camp counselor to give back to the university that has given so much to me,” said Ryan Valentino, a senior who was a counselor during summer 2015.  “My goal was in some way to impact the freshman that were in my groups in the hopes that they would have the same experience I had while at Auburn.”

Having an impact doesn’t just happen over night.  The job requires commitment, and an entire summer devoted to teaching campers how to get the most out of their freshman year on the loveliest village on the plains.  But the job doesn’t end when summer ends.  Your campers rely on you as a resource throughout their entire freshmen year, asking questions that you once had too as a freshman.

Becoming a counselor not only allows you to meet freshman, but you also meet some of your fellow peers that you maybe wouldn’t have had it not been for Camp War Eagle.

“Students should apply to Camp because it is the best Auburn experience you can have,” said Valentino.  “You get to give back to your University, while making relationships with not only the freshman, but the 55 other counselors you work with on a daily basis.”

Any counselor I have talked to has said camp is an intense, rewarding, and serious commitment, but the friends made and experiences had while sharing your love for Auburn make it well worth it.

“One thing you don’t really realize until you become a counselor is how truly lucky you are to have been able to attend a University like Auburn,” said Valentino.  “Through spring training, you learn how rich Auburn is in its traditions and history. You leave Camp with a love for Auburn you never knew you could have. You also don’t realize how close you will get to your fellow camp counselors. Spending all spring training and then spending pretty much every minute of your summer together you leave camp with irreplaceable, lifelong friendships.”


 Why You Should Be a Camp War Eagle Counselor

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