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5 Staple Items for a Fall Boho Look

Good news, the clothes your mom wore in college are still going to be in style for this fall’s football season.  Flowy shirts, bell-bottom pants, and big beaded necklaces are here to stay.  Most fashionistas would call this look “Boho,” or the “Bohemian look.”  The style consists of layers of oversized shirts and sweaters, bell-bottom pants or jeans, and a lot of jewelry.

Photo taken at Behind the Glass Boutique in downtown Auburn

Auburn’s boutiques are full of trendy Boho clothing.  Everyone has different taste, but many boutique employees agree on a few staple items that are must-haves for this fall’s look.

Employees Jessica Keel and Ryanne Burns at Behind the Glass think booties and flat boots are definitely a staple.  They are comfortable, can be worn on game day, and go with just about any outfit from a dress, shorts, to jeans.

Another item to add to the closet for this fall is a leather jacket.

“Leather is definitely in this year,” Keel said.  “It’s good for layering on top of light sweaters, it’s good in the rain, and pretty much looks good with anything.”

The next, and possibly the most important trend, is layering. Layering can involve wearing different articles of clothing, like thermals, sweaters, ponchos, and bralettes, all at once.  Alexandra Boylston, an employee at Therapy, named five staple items for this season, most of which are ideal for layering.

“A big flowy T-shirt for layering is definitely a must have, and to go with it a pair of neutral leggings,” Boylston said.  “Girls are even starting to ditch the oversized Comfort Colors T-shirt and wear these to class.  Add some boots and a beaded necklace and you can wear it downtown.”

Photo taken at Behind the Glass boutique in downtown Auburn

Floppy hats are another staple for a fall wardrobe, and can turn just about any outfit into a Boho look, all while hiding a bad hair day.

Luckily, the last staple item, bell-bottom or super-flared jeans, can probably be found in your mom’s closet.  They are flattering to any body shape, and can be dressed up or down.  They also, of course, have a hippie flair which fits right in with Bohemian look.

Lauriston Carpenter, long time employee at Behind the Glass, described her ideal boho closet for this fall, which just happened to contain the same five staples other employees mentioned as well.

“A suede fringe dress because it’s two of my favorite trends in one,” Carpenter said.  “You definitely need some wide-leg jeans because they’re a throwback that flatters every shape, a bell-sleeved top because it has a flirty, flowy, 70’s feel, a pair of leather clogs because they go with everything, and a great hat because it’s the perfect accessory for any Boho girl.”

These staple items can be found at any boutique in Auburn, or your mom’s closet.  If you can remember to layer some sweaters or T-shirts, find some bell-bottomed pants, and can walk in some flat booties, you are well on your way to dressing in tune with the season’s latest trends.

 5 Staple Items for a Fall Boho Look

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