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5 Perks to Graduating Early


(Photo: Abbey Herfurth)

Anytime someone asks me why I am graduating early, I have to go through the same conversation each time.  Yes, college is the best time of your life and yes, I wish I could stick around.  I love Auburn, I always have, but it has done its job.  Any student I talk to who is graduating early always seems so down and sad about it.  Of course we will miss social scene and the student section, but I honestly do think there are many advantages to graduating early.

1.You’re ahead of the rest of your graduating class.

Getting a job is stressful enough.  By graduating early in December, you are eliminating half of your graduating class as competition,  Then there’s the obvious factor: if you don’t get a job right after graduation, you’re still technically not behind, you’re ahead of the game.  Let’s not forget you still don’t miss a football season either.

2. Money for that semester can be used elsewhere.

College in itself is expensive, and then you add on textbooks and spending money for groceries, actives, away football games…it’s just a lot.  Graduating early saves you all that money that would have been used for that semester.  That money can now be either saved, spent elsewhere, or if you are like me, to study abroad one or two times. (Photo: Dreamatico)

3. More time to study and focus on graduate school exams.

Balancing all of your classes and tests is already a challenge.  If you are planning on applying for graduate school, law school, or any other school after graduation, that entire semester off can be used to solely focus on those exams.  A semesters worth of time allows you to also keep up with somewhat of a social life, and gives you time to relax and get some sleep.  You would have a much more balanced, and enjoyable lifestyle even though studying is not exactly fun.

4. It demonstrates a special kind of motivation to your employer.

Whatever the reason you have for graduating early, it shows a future employer that you have a special kind of motivation and focus to get the job done and pull through.  Maybe you didn’t pick up that extra minor or major, but at least you didn’t just hang around your college town taking electives just so you could enjoy the social scene one last time. (Photo: Pantheon)

5.  It could be used simply as a break.

This may seem like the obvious reason, but some students forget how a semester break can actually be rejuvenating and refreshing.  School is tiring, finals are repetitive, and homework gets old.  A semester to just get a part-time or full-time job to get back on track can be very beneficial.“…Having the ability to take a long break before jumping into the job market is nice, too. The decision to graduate early was an easy one to make,” said HC contributing writer and Brandeis University graduate Chrissy Callahan to Her Campus.  Even after taking five months off of school, you are still on track.  Sometimes, you just get burned out and need to take a break.


 5 Perks to Graduating Early

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