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Social Media Release: Austin City Limits


On Friday, October 2-4 and October 9-11, 2015, the event production company C3 Presents will be hosting the 13th Austin City Limits Music Festival at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas.  Artists such as Disclosure, Florence and the Machine, Ben Howard, Chance the Rapper, The Weekend and many others are expected to perform.  Early bird three day passes cost $225 and singe day passes cost $125.


The event production company C3 Presents, based out of Austin, Texas, was founded by Charles Attal, Charlie Jones, and Charlie Walker in 2007.  Other than Austin City Limts, C3 Presents produces other popular festivals and events such as Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois, Orion Music + More in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Austin Food & Wine Festival, and Big Day Out in Australia.  C3 Presents was the third largest concert promoter in the United States, following behind Live Nation and AEG Live.  In December of 2014, Live Nation reportedly bought a large controlling stake in C3 Presents of 51 percent.


  • The music festival is held on two different weekends: October 2-4, and October 9-11
  • The festival takes place in Zilker Park in Austin, Texas
  • Early bird three day passes are $225
  • Early bird single day passes are $125
  • The festival will be hosting headliners the Foo Fighters, Drake, Florence and the Machine, the Weeknd, Deadmau5, Disclosure, Billy Idol, and many others
  • There is not an age restriction
  • Austin City Limits is produced by C3 presents
  • The festival is a cashless festival if attendees wish to go cashless



“We’re in the business of putting smiles on people’s faces,” according to the C3 Presents website.

Michael Rapino, president and chief executive officer of Live Nation Entertainment told Billboard, “The Charlies have proven they are amongst the most successful entrepreneurs in the concert industry. I have long admired what they built and now I look forward to working alongside them as they continue to build a world class festival company.”

Attal, Jones, and Walker told Billboard, “We are excited to join Live Nation and become a part of their global family, while continuing to grow our festivals within a culture of entrepreneurship that will empower our team to keep improving these festivals and the fan experience.”



Photo: ACL, Abbey Herfurth
Photo: ACL, Nadia Niakossary
Photo: ACL, Abbey Herfurth


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Contact Information:

  • Inquiries regarding purchased tickets and wristbands: call (888) 512-7469 or email
  • To become an ACL sponsor: email Karly Tuckness at
  • For Press & Editorial inquiries: email Sandee Fenton at
  • For marketing and media partnerships: email Brooke Leal at


Are You Getting All Your Vitamins?


We all know how important it is to get the daily vitamins and nutrients our bodies need, whether it’s forcing broccoli down our throats or drinking orange juice everyday, we try to nourish our bodies as best we can. However, it’s important to know if you’re getting enough vitamins, if you’re taking them correctly, and the importance of taking the right amount.

Vitamins and supplements are generally beneficial, but not always needed. “For most people who are well-fed, a daily multivitamin is not necessary,” said Katie Funderburk, an extension specialist in Nutrition Education with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. “However, certain people who restrict food groups for medical or personal reasons would benefit from supplementing their diet with specific nutrients they may not be getting in their diet.”

Calcium and Vitamin D is recommended for those who avoid dairy, or B12 and iron for those who avoid meat or are vegetarian. “It is still

Photo credit: Wellness Pharmacy
Photo credit: Wellness Pharmacy

recommended for pregnant women to take a prenatal vitamin to help mother’s meet nutritional needs for things like iron, folic acid, and vitamin D,” said Funderburk.

As far as when to take them, vitamins are generally taken in the morning with breakfast, mainly because they are better absorbed with a meal. “For most vitamin and mineral supplements, the best time to take them is with a meal,” said Funderburk. “Food usually helps with the absorption of nutrients from the supplement.”

As is always the case, there are exceptions. “Always read the label on any supplement to see whether or not it should be taken with food. Some vitamins and minerals enhance absorption when taken together, such as vitamin D with calcium, or vitamin C it iron,” said Funderburk. “Others can actually interfere with each other’s absorption, and are best taken separately if both are needed, such as calcium and iron.”

According to the FDA, vitamin D, calcium, iron and potassium are the “nutrients of public health significance” for most Americans. “This just means that according to the most current data, most of the U.S. population is consuming inadequate amounts of those nutrients,” said Funderburk.

Although those nutrients are what most Americans are lacking, it is still important to know what exactly your body needs. The biggest mistake people make is over doing it. “It is better to have a consultation with a registered dietitian nutritionist if you feel you are not meeting your nutrient needs,” said Funderburk. A professional can help you analyze your diet and pinpoint specific nutrients that may be worth supplementing.”

Vitamins and supplements are meant to help your body get nutrients, but not necessarily take the place of eating real food. “Real food has many other benefits and nutrients aside from vitamins/minerals,” said Funderburk. But some people have dietary restrictions that make it hard for them to meet certain nutrient needs.”

The next time you take your vitamins, make sure you’re taking the correct ones, the right amount, and with a meal. Keep forcing those veggies down though, real food is still the best way to go.

Photo credit for top picture: uhaweb.hartford

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Why You Should Be a Camp War Eagle Counselor



If you’re a student at Auburn, you have definitely attended Camp War Eagle.  If you’re out of state like me, Camp War Eagle was a bit tough.  I didn’t know a single person at camp or the school as a whole, and on top of that I was trying to learn the ins and outs of my future home.  Lucky for me, I had an awesome Camp War Eagle counselor who helped me get through it, and I made a few friends along the way.

With applications out, it only seemed appropriate to figure out why someone should apply, I mean, why would someone want to spend his or her entire summer with incoming freshmen?

“I decided to be a camp counselor to give back to the university that has given so much to me,” said Ryan Valentino, a senior who was a counselor during summer 2015.  “My goal was in some way to impact the freshman that were in my groups in the hopes that they would have the same experience I had while at Auburn.”

Having an impact doesn’t just happen over night.  The job requires commitment, and an entire summer devoted to teaching campers how to get the most out of their freshman year on the loveliest village on the plains.  But the job doesn’t end when summer ends.  Your campers rely on you as a resource throughout their entire freshmen year, asking questions that you once had too as a freshman.

Becoming a counselor not only allows you to meet freshman, but you also meet some of your fellow peers that you maybe wouldn’t have had it not been for Camp War Eagle.

“Students should apply to Camp because it is the best Auburn experience you can have,” said Valentino.  “You get to give back to your University, while making relationships with not only the freshman, but the 55 other counselors you work with on a daily basis.”

Any counselor I have talked to has said camp is an intense, rewarding, and serious commitment, but the friends made and experiences had while sharing your love for Auburn make it well worth it.

“One thing you don’t really realize until you become a counselor is how truly lucky you are to have been able to attend a University like Auburn,” said Valentino.  “Through spring training, you learn how rich Auburn is in its traditions and history. You leave Camp with a love for Auburn you never knew you could have. You also don’t realize how close you will get to your fellow camp counselors. Spending all spring training and then spending pretty much every minute of your summer together you leave camp with irreplaceable, lifelong friendships.”


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Thanksgiving Turkey Preparation

Roast stuffed chicken with vegetables

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s that time of year to start planning a big meal for the family and of course, cooking a giant turkey.  However, it’s important to know the proper way to prepare, cook, and save leftover turkey to keep your friends and family from getting sick.
Janice Hall, a food safety specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, explained the importance of actually not washing turkey before you start cooking.
“USDA does not recommend washing turkeys before cooking,” Hall said.  “They have already gone through a thorough process of cleaning before packaging. Washing your turkey will only increase the risk of bacteria spreading over the sink and other surfaces in the kitchen. This, in turn, will increase your risk of a foodborne illness (food poisoning) occurring.”
Turkey will normally keep below 40F for a minimum of three days, but you should allow at least 24 hours for every 5 pounds of turkey that needs to be thawed.
“A 15 pounds turkey should be allowed at least three days to thaw.  Keeping your turkey in its original wrapping, thaw turkey at refrigerator temperatures below 40F,” Hall said.  “Place turkey in a pan or separate container to prevent cross contamination of blood and other contaminants from getting on other foods in the refrigerator, especially the ready to eat – no cook foods.”
Making sure the turkey is just right for that Thanksgiving meal can be stressful.  Overcooked may taste bad, but undercooked can lead to sickness.
USDA recommends that all poultry, including turkeys, be cooked at least to a minimum internal temperature of 165F,” Hall said.  “Make sure the oven is set NO LESS THAN 325F. Use a thermometer to ensure the turkey has been cooked to the correct temperature. Some turkeys have pop up thermometers. Those can also be used as indicator, but should be used as a secondary to a meat thermometer.”
Aside from cooking a turkey, some families enjoy even stuffing the turkey if they’re up for the extra effort.  On the positive side, the ingredients for stuffing can be prepared ahead of time.
According to the USDA, you should “Keep wet and dry ingredients separate. Chill all of the wet ingredients (butter/margarine, cooked celery and onions, broth, etc.),” Hall said, using information from  Mix wet and dry ingredients just before filling the turkey cavities. Fill the cavities loosely. Cook the turkey immediately. Use a food thermometer to make sure the center of the stuffing reaches a safe minimum internal temperature of 165 °F.”
Besides the actual Thanksgiving meal itself, we all look forward to eating the leftover turkey, along with all the side dishes, for the next several days.
“We recommend keeping leftovers for 3-4 days,” Hall said.  If you see where all the turkey will not be eaten, freeze it for 2-6 months for best quality.”
Be sure to keep these tips in mind over the next week to ensure a quality, sickness-free, Thanksgiving turkey meal.
Image source: Huffington Post

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

To kick off Alzheimer’s awareness month, there will be a two mile Walk to End Alzheimer’s Sunday, Oct. 25 on the Auburn University campus hosted by the Sigma Kappa sorority.  The walk is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for the disease that is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.
Alzheimer’s is the only top 10 disease in the United States that cannot be slowed, cured, or prevented according to the Alzheimer’s Association, and one in three seniors die of Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia each year.
“I am just happy to be involved with an organization that is fighting so hard to find a cure for this horrible disease,” said Mary Davis Kennedy, organizer of the walk.  “Most people aren’t aware of how many people are affected by Alzheimer’s and the strain it can put on caregivers.  Volunteering is just a small way to do our part in the fight to end Alzheimer’s.”

Photo: Montana Hunter
Photo: Montana Hunter
So far, the original goal of $22,500 in donations has already been surpassed.  As of today, $28,000 has been raised for the Alzheimer’s Association, with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward the association and finding a cure.
At the walk, participants will receive a promise garden flower.  There are four different colors, and participants choose a color based on their connection to the disease.  
“Blue represents someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia,” said Kennedy.  “Purple is for someone who has lost a loved one to the disease.  Yellow represents someone who is currently supporting or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, and orange is for everyone who supports the cause and vision of a world without Alzheimer’s.”
This is the second year for the walk to take place on Auburn’s campus, but there are already 33 teams and 357 walkers registered.  It is free to walk, but participants are encouraged to fundraise.  Teams and participants will meet on the Green Space, right in front of the stadium and next to the student center.  Registration starts at 12:30 p.m., there is an opening ceremony at 2 p.m., and the actual walk will begin at 2:30 p.m.
“We encourage everyone to come out and support the Walk to End Alzheimer’s,” Kennedy said.  “Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States, and has no cure.  Walking is free, so grab your friends, family, or your 4-legged friend and come join us on the Green Space at 2:30 this Sunday!”







Waverly Fall Boogie 2015


Photo: Standard Deluxe
Photo: Standard Deluxe

What is there to do besides watch the Auburn Tigers on a Saturday?  Well, it’s festival season and on October 10, the first by weekend of the season, head to Waverly, Alabama to get your boogie on and eat some southern food at the South’s premiere multi-cultural music and arts festival, Fall 280 Boogie.

This will be the 4th year for the Waverly Fall Boogie, a spin-off of the spring Old 280 Boogie that has been a hit for the past 15 years.

“One of our slogans is, ‘Once a year is not enough,’ so we decided to have one [festival] in the fall too,” said Scott Peek, one of the founders of the design and silkscreen print shop Standard Deluxe that hosts both of the festivals.

Both of the fall and spring festivals are about the same as far as what to expect at each one, but they each have different bands and vendors.

“We’ve done a bluegrass festival, some music showcases, and some outdoor shows from time to time,” said Peek.  “We just thought another festival in the fall would be a good way to get groups of people together and people who couldn’t make the spring one could make this one.”

pine hill haints1
Photo: High 5 Productions


The Pine Hill Haints, one of the headliners in this year’s Waverly Fall Boogie, has played in the Old 280 Boogie 14 out of the 15 festivals.

“They’ve played out here at my shop more than any other band since the first time they played (over 20 years ago) and they have a big following in Auburn,” said Peek.  “They’re just a really talented band, a little different than a regular band, and we wanted to give them the chance to headline.”


Other headliners include New Orleans singer Maggie Koerner, Natural Child, Larry Mitchell Band, Tim Lee 3, and Jake Fusell.

To keep your dancing energized throughout this long day, there will be plenty of food vendors such as Johnny Brusco’s Pizza, Chris’ Hot Dogs, Kowaliga Restaurant, Mama Mocha’s, Perch, and Hornsby Farms.  The art vendors will include Silas & Miri, Michael Foster Tintypes, Anthony Tavis Art, Loyal Stricklin, Alex Smith Art, Kim Davis Boogie Body Art, Drey Sett Nest, and Art by Redbird.

“It’s family friendly, a lot of kids, and no riff faff. Everyone is in a good mood and happy” said Peek.  “It’s a great get together.  It’s a way for people all over the south to meet up.”

Tickets for the Fall Boogie are $20 in advance, $25 at the door, and children 14 and under are free.

The following businesses will be sponsoring the event: Wickles Pickles, Wood Studio, This Is American Music, Goodwyn l Mills l Cawood, Good People Brewing Company, Cottonseed Studios, Southern Makers, The Bitter Southerner, Standard Deluxe, and Willie’s Cycle Salvage.




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5 Perks to Graduating Early


(Photo: Abbey Herfurth)

Anytime someone asks me why I am graduating early, I have to go through the same conversation each time.  Yes, college is the best time of your life and yes, I wish I could stick around.  I love Auburn, I always have, but it has done its job.  Any student I talk to who is graduating early always seems so down and sad about it.  Of course we will miss social scene and the student section, but I honestly do think there are many advantages to graduating early.

1.You’re ahead of the rest of your graduating class.

Getting a job is stressful enough.  By graduating early in December, you are eliminating half of your graduating class as competition,  Then there’s the obvious factor: if you don’t get a job right after graduation, you’re still technically not behind, you’re ahead of the game.  Let’s not forget you still don’t miss a football season either.

2. Money for that semester can be used elsewhere.

College in itself is expensive, and then you add on textbooks and spending money for groceries, actives, away football games…it’s just a lot.  Graduating early saves you all that money that would have been used for that semester.  That money can now be either saved, spent elsewhere, or if you are like me, to study abroad one or two times. (Photo: Dreamatico)

3. More time to study and focus on graduate school exams.

Balancing all of your classes and tests is already a challenge.  If you are planning on applying for graduate school, law school, or any other school after graduation, that entire semester off can be used to solely focus on those exams.  A semesters worth of time allows you to also keep up with somewhat of a social life, and gives you time to relax and get some sleep.  You would have a much more balanced, and enjoyable lifestyle even though studying is not exactly fun.

4. It demonstrates a special kind of motivation to your employer.

Whatever the reason you have for graduating early, it shows a future employer that you have a special kind of motivation and focus to get the job done and pull through.  Maybe you didn’t pick up that extra minor or major, but at least you didn’t just hang around your college town taking electives just so you could enjoy the social scene one last time. (Photo: Pantheon)

5.  It could be used simply as a break.

This may seem like the obvious reason, but some students forget how a semester break can actually be rejuvenating and refreshing.  School is tiring, finals are repetitive, and homework gets old.  A semester to just get a part-time or full-time job to get back on track can be very beneficial.“…Having the ability to take a long break before jumping into the job market is nice, too. The decision to graduate early was an easy one to make,” said HC contributing writer and Brandeis University graduate Chrissy Callahan to Her Campus.  Even after taking five months off of school, you are still on track.  Sometimes, you just get burned out and need to take a break.


5 Things You Learn When You Study Abroad

1.Be confident.

You may think you are confident now, but what about if you are lost in a foreign city by yourself and don’t speak the language? While studying abroad, you will face so many situations where you are lost and have no idea where to go or what to do. There is going to come a point when you realize you just have to take a deep breath, ask for some directions, and trust yourself. You are smarter than you think, be confident.

2. Don’t judge.

We all learned in elementary school that it is wrong to judge people, in any way, shape, or form. Sometimes though, we make assumptions and we do it without realizing it. Maybe it’s living outside your comfort zone, and the fact that you are all stuck together, but all the mistakes and memories made along the way bond you with people you never thought you would. In turn, you make the friends of a lifetime, sometimes even friends from different states, or even countries.

Auburn Abroad Internship in Rome, Italy 2015
Auburn Abroad Internship in Rome, Italy 2015

3. It’s a big world.

People tend to get wrapped up in the here and now. They forget how big the world actually is and what all there is to see. You are a small dot on a huge map, a map with so many connections waiting to be made and so many opportunities to be had. Let’s not forget all the different cultures and amazing food waiting to be discovered too. Your opportunities really are endless, as cheesy as that

4. Think for yourself.

Most of us are raised to go to college, get a job, and get married. Basically, we are raised to achieve the “American Dream.” When you are abroad, you realize there is a lot more to life than the status quo and there are so many other paths to take.
“People tend to follow what their parents or friends tell them, like in politics, religion, etc. I think when you travel, your mind is opened up to so much more because of all the different cultures,” said Meredith Johnson, Auburn student who lived in Germany for a year.

5. Mistakes happen…live in the moment.

Sometimes plans get changed or things don’t go your way. Sometimes you spend way to much money shopping or downtown. Sometimes you just mess up. From my own experience, I have made plenty of mistakes in about every category you can think of…I’m talking bad. In the end though, life goes on. Whatever happened now won’t be a big deal a year from now. It really could always be worse.

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5 Staple Items for a Fall Boho Look

Good news, the clothes your mom wore in college are still going to be in style for this fall’s football season.  Flowy shirts, bell-bottom pants, and big beaded necklaces are here to stay.  Most fashionistas would call this look “Boho,” or the “Bohemian look.”  The style consists of layers of oversized shirts and sweaters, bell-bottom pants or jeans, and a lot of jewelry.

Photo taken at Behind the Glass Boutique in downtown Auburn

Auburn’s boutiques are full of trendy Boho clothing.  Everyone has different taste, but many boutique employees agree on a few staple items that are must-haves for this fall’s look.

Employees Jessica Keel and Ryanne Burns at Behind the Glass think booties and flat boots are definitely a staple.  They are comfortable, can be worn on game day, and go with just about any outfit from a dress, shorts, to jeans.

Another item to add to the closet for this fall is a leather jacket.

“Leather is definitely in this year,” Keel said.  “It’s good for layering on top of light sweaters, it’s good in the rain, and pretty much looks good with anything.”

The next, and possibly the most important trend, is layering. Layering can involve wearing different articles of clothing, like thermals, sweaters, ponchos, and bralettes, all at once.  Alexandra Boylston, an employee at Therapy, named five staple items for this season, most of which are ideal for layering.

“A big flowy T-shirt for layering is definitely a must have, and to go with it a pair of neutral leggings,” Boylston said.  “Girls are even starting to ditch the oversized Comfort Colors T-shirt and wear these to class.  Add some boots and a beaded necklace and you can wear it downtown.”

Photo taken at Behind the Glass boutique in downtown Auburn

Floppy hats are another staple for a fall wardrobe, and can turn just about any outfit into a Boho look, all while hiding a bad hair day.

Luckily, the last staple item, bell-bottom or super-flared jeans, can probably be found in your mom’s closet.  They are flattering to any body shape, and can be dressed up or down.  They also, of course, have a hippie flair which fits right in with Bohemian look.

Lauriston Carpenter, long time employee at Behind the Glass, described her ideal boho closet for this fall, which just happened to contain the same five staples other employees mentioned as well.

“A suede fringe dress because it’s two of my favorite trends in one,” Carpenter said.  “You definitely need some wide-leg jeans because they’re a throwback that flatters every shape, a bell-sleeved top because it has a flirty, flowy, 70’s feel, a pair of leather clogs because they go with everything, and a great hat because it’s the perfect accessory for any Boho girl.”

These staple items can be found at any boutique in Auburn, or your mom’s closet.  If you can remember to layer some sweaters or T-shirts, find some bell-bottomed pants, and can walk in some flat booties, you are well on your way to dressing in tune with the season’s latest trends.

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